Firearms Training
TRITON SECURITY employs only the most qualified and skilled armed and unarmed uniformed officers and task forces with

expertise in crime prevention, civilian protection and perimeter security in the industry.  All of our officers are rigorously screened

utilizing a minimum of three independent criminal history background checks performed by the countries elite law enforcement

agencies. All job offers are reliant upon all applicants’ passing our stringent background check, a physical exam and the most

comprehensive drug screening in the industry. Our training starts with mandated instruction on personal appearance,

professionalism, verbal disarmament techniques, appropriate use of reasonable force, probable cause, arrest powers, self-defense,

report writing, fire prevention and reaction, firearms use and safety. Once an applicant has successfully completed ALL phases of

screening and training, only then, are they considered for an on-site post.

Responsibility and safety equal accountability. North Atlantic Security promises this to it’s clients by a stringent weapons training


Overseen by Captain J. Brackin, formally of the Columbus, MS police department, each prospective officer is required to have their

own armed permit confirming they have passed resident state requirements. Then they receive extensive hours of training from the

Captain involving safety, carrying of the weapon, discretion, proper handling and then again, more safety. North Atlantic Security

takes it’s obligation to clients and the general public very seriously.