What separates a guard from a security officer? In a word “training”. Triton invests both time and resources in the training of it’s security staff. This assures our clients of the best possible results. With online modules, as well as in the field reviews from our QA inspectors, Triton continues to lead the industry in service training to officers.

Patrol – How an officer walks can make the difference between safety and injury. Our staff’s safety and ability to report are critical to us. Our clients, as well as our staff, appreciate we do this.

Fire response – knowing to touch a door and determine if there is heat can make the difference between life and death. Simplistic training of this nature is a constant.

What to look for as an officer reports and understanding that witnesses’ statements should never be added to nor the witness be led as to what to say are paramount in training.

It is the basics offered that help make Triton officers the quality staff they are.